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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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clinton is working hard on this holiday also working with union members. she remains the frontrunner in iowa but her lead has been cut in half. during a stop in pittsburgh, vice president joe biden was asked if he's getting in the race. >> you've got to talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: he started off the day with union leaders and fired up steel workers. >> when the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well, and the poor have a way up. so organize, organize, organize. god loves you. >> reporter: if biden runs, he'll need to raise money quickly, and labor unions have traditionally opened up wallets for democrats, giving $61 million to the party in 2012. biden says he'll make a decision by the end of the summer. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> the aflcio president who marched with biden said he didn't know if biden would run or not. turning to the migrant
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crisis gripping europe right now, germany is taking in the majority of the tens of thousands of migrants and refugees who have made a long and often dangerous journey. at a munich train station, 20,000 refugees, mostly from syria, did arrive over the weekend. germans cheered and gave them toys, food, and clothes and make them feel at home. a shelter went up in flames overnight and authorities do suspect arson. there have been over 200 attacks on asylum seekers this year in germany alone. congresswoman donna edwards spoke to potential voters at this parade in greenville. it's all part of her celebrate maryland tour. she's visiting various parts of the state as she plans to run in hopes of replacing retiring senator barbara mcculsky. tomorrow -- barbara mikulski. tomorrow is terrible traffic tuesday. a lot of people are returning from the holiday to school and there's an added shift this year. a change
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in start times to fairfax county schools which is the largest district. schools will start 10 to 20 minutes later depending on the grade level or school. with that combined with the return to fall traffic is going to mean an adjustment in many households. >> she gets to sleep an extra hour, so that's great. we're all going to enjoy the morning together hopefully. >> the texas a&m transportation institute says the washington region traffic is the most congested in the country. talk about some terrible traffic. here is a look at the bay bridge where there is a backup several miles long. thousands are trying to get back from the shore after the holiday. in a power outage caused a 7-mile backup over the weekend from annapolis to the bridge. maryland transportation officials say the best time to head back to the shore is after 10:00 tonight. pretty late for a lot of us who have to get up in the morning. the latest news, weather, and traffic information at your fingertips. you can download the wusa app.
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it's going to be a toasty start for the school year for kids heading back to class tomorrow. >> not going to feel like fall. that's for sure. howard is tracking rain heading our way. a look at your first alert forecast. >> first the heat then will come some rain chances as we head more to wednesday afternoon and thursday. we need some rain. it's been barely. most spots a half an inch or so. nothing near us cloud-wise. it's tough to find much in the way of clouds anywhere. that allowed temperatures to soar today. 93 in college park. 89 in wall -- waldorf. centerville is 89. nice evening to be on the water. been watching this michael and son weather camera. folks coming and going, enjoying what was a very warm but nice labor day. this evening generally clear. down to 76 by midnight. and we're staying above 70 in town.
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mid to upper 60s in many of the suburbs. i'm coming back in a few minutes. we'll talk about the increasing rain chances. i know it's monday but next weekend is not that far away. the timing of a pedestrian light in gaithersburg is in question after a disabled woman was killed there this morning. muivembet gelaw was crossing a step behind her adult daughter when she was struck by a car at frederick road and southwestland. that light allows 25 seconds to cross six lanes. friends fear it wasn't enough for gelaw. >> she has a walking problem, what i know. and probably she was walking slow. and i don't know, accident is accident, you know. >> the driver in the incident stopped immediately. police have not yet determined who had
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the light. accusations that a key march organizer supports violence against white people have led a local harley dealership to change its plans. >> i'm bruce leshan in port washington. the harley dealership here has been getting hammered on social media and it has now decided it has to pull out of plans to serve as a rallying point for the 20th anniversary justice or else commemoration of the million-man march. >> kill those who kill us. stop them and kill them. >> reporter: it is speeches like this one in miami last month that have galvanized the conservative activists. march organizer and nation of islam leader louis farrakhan insists the activists are misinterpreting him. >> he makes mischief with my words. >> reporter: after harley of washington agreed to let the ride for justice or else rally at the dealership, motorcycle
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manufacturer harley davidson was bombarded with messages. i'm thinking an american legend is dead. rest in hell, harley davidson. a spokesman says workers here usually just say yes to whoever comes by and wants to rally here. it was only after they started getting nailed on social media that they realized how controversial this one was. in fort washington, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> a conservative activists are now planning to go after other march organizers. so far no official response from the nation of islam. coming up, a special behind the scenes look at one of the groups rehearsing for the pope's visit to dc later this month. >> but first, a political candidate is apologizing candidate is apologizing
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iraq strikes back. iraqi f-16 fighter jets carried out the first in a series of air strikes against isis militants. iraqi government purchased the fleet of jets from the united states and more are on the way. iraq's air force has pretty much been nonexistent since now and relied heavily on u.s. air power in its fight against the militants. thousands of mourners said goodbye to an lieutenant killed in the line of duty. gliniewicz was shot in the line of duty while he radioed for help to chase three men.
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now to a legal fight playing out in kentucky that includes a clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. >> lawyers for kim davis are appealing a judge's decision to throw her in jail. she had been behind bars since thursday after a judge found her in contempt of court. hundreds gathered at a rally and supported davis including her husband joe. >> i talked to her on the phone. she's in great spirits. we're joking and laughing. she said honey i'm just as comfortable as can be. >> organizers at this past weekend's rally are calling on davis backers to fast on thursday to mark her one week behind bars. an ohio woman and her partner have sued a chicago area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man. jennifer and amanda wanted the donor to be white. the couple says they love their 2-year-old daughter peyton but they are concerned about raising her in the predominantly white community where they live.
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the lawsuit seeks a minimum of $50,000 in damages against the sperm bank they used in cook county, illinois. now to canada where a man running for parliament has pulled out of the race after making a splash of sorts. >> and not a good one. this was caught on camera. he was caught urinating in a coffee cup. this happened in 2012 when jerry bants ran an appliance repair business. the canadian broadcast organization was doing a story on home repair and placed hidden cameras in the house where bants was making a service call. you can see him filling up the cup and pouring the contents down the drain. are you kidding me? the three-year-old video surfaced over the weekend. bants says he deeply regrets the incident. there's a bathroom probably down the hall, man. moving on, howard says get ready for a toasty tuesday. his forecast is just minutes away. >> but first, meet a group preparing for the performance of
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preparing for the performance of a lifetime what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. five area choirs will be performing during the mass held by pope francis when he's in dc. debra alfarone got a special
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behind the scenes peek at one of the groups rehearsing in hyattsville. >> reporter: these 90 men and women are singing together for the very first time. they were chosen out of more than 300 who auditioned to be apart of the arch table mass choir. >> the excitement really carries you i think. >> reporter: at 25, hayley holden of silver spring is one of the youngest singers. but this is her second time singing for a pope. >> getting to see pope francis because he's awesome. [ laughter ] you just look at him and he's so lovable. >> i've been singing in choirs since i was 10. >> reporter: at 82 years of age, this is vincent kelly's first time singing for a pope. >> since i'm in the choir, it will guarantee i'll have a good
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seat. >> reporter: in hyattsville, maryland, rehearsing with the choir, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> and the other choirs performing at the papal mass include a gospel choir, intercultural choir, choir from the national shrine and catholic university chamber choir. for a complete look at the coverage of the pope's visit to dc, download our new wusa 9 app. you can find the pope's complete schedule while he's here, how you can get tickets, plus a look at the popemobile he'll be using in dc. >> the pope will also be visiting philadelphia this month. maybe he'll run in to pope bot. a radio station created pope bot after vandals destroyed an international hitchhiking robot called hitch bot. they sent pope bot on a journey all over town. over the weekend pope bot visited
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newborns at a hospital maternity ward. first day of school going to feel like the hottest day of summer. >> i wonder if it's going to be too hot for recess. they may not be used to it. could be 90 tomorrow. so got to think about that. if you're in school, maybe keep the kids hydrated and might want to do indoor recess tomorrow. it's going to be two more days but the real heat is going to be tomorrow then we have a chance finally for much needed rain later wednesday. 88 right now. winds south at 7. dew points up so it's got that sticky midsummer feel to the air. in 1881 we had 104 for the warmest september record on temperature in washington. 90 in leesburg. cumberland at 91 degrees. this is a really
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warm air mass. the cooler spot, one of the cooler spots, nice breeze off the bay and 82. weather headlines, a hot humid tuesday. going to be hotter and more humid than today. rain chances going up wednesday afternoon and thursday as a front approaches. clearing out for friday and last night it was looking good for the weekend. things have changed a little bit. sunday is looking unsettled. if you're going to fedex field for the opening game, keep that in mind. we've got a very dry stretch in dc. we really could use the rain. today marks day 14 without measurable rain at washington's airport and only a little bit more than half inch of rain in about the last four weeks. we're not desperate but we're getting close to desperate to get some rain around here. tomorrow it's not going to happen but wednesday, thursday, we've got chances. moisture down in the carolinas. we've got a front back here. see these showers and storms out ahead of it today, stretching across michigan toward ontario
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south of chicago. futurecast is going to be quiet for tonight. going to be quiet for the most part on tuesday. might see a passing cloud especially south in the afternoon where there's a chance for showers mainly in southern and southeastern virginia. tuesday night could have a passing shower to our east if you're near the bay. better chance than other areas. as we head in to wednesday, we start out mostly dry but by lunchtime we're popping a few showers. with the front getting closer you'll have more stuff up here but you'll notice in the i-81 corridor by midafternoon. as we head toward rush hour, scattered showers and storms. a yellow alert day for wednesday and also thursday. thursday looks even more active than wednesday. we'll gladly take the rain for the midweek and then it's going to clear out some and hopefully sunday we can make better of it. right now it's looking iffy. 66 to 72. clear to partly cloudy and not as cool tonight. nice last night with the 50s. i had the windows open. ac will be buzzing tonight. we warm quickly.
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going to be humid, sunny in the afternoon. hot, humid. 89 to 94. stray storm, most of us aren't going to see it. looking at the three-day, here are two yellow weather alert days wednesday and thursday with afternoon showers and storms wednesday. we do have scattered showers and storms on thursday. as we head toward friday, 85. a nice day, drier. saturday could see slight chance of a storm and sunday looks like it could be unsettled for the home opener at fedex field and a better day on monday. turning to sports right now, we were talking about the nationals and you said there's still a chance. >> they're not mathematically out of it yet but they really need to win the next two games. the mets are here. it's the biggest series of the year. they need to win the next two games. nats have been trailing the mets most of the season. today they met face to face here in dc. the grand slam puts nats fans in a frenzy.
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the washington nationals are fighting for their playoff lives but the season isn't over yet, and the players are taking notice at what they feel may be a lack of support from the fans. after today's outing bryce harper called out the fans. when asked about the atmosphere, he said well, they left in the 7th. that was pretty brutal. they need you nats fans. those who did stay ended up leaving heart broken. max scherzer struggled against the mets. kelly johnson gives new york their second home run of the
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inning. 2-0 mets. bright spot came in the bottom of the 4th, bases loaded for wilson ramos. he just knows it. grand slam for the nats to take a one-run lead. but things fell apart in the 7th inning. daniel murphy with a shot deep to left. that's good for the sac fly. they'd tack on one more to take this one on labor day 8-5. nats fall to five games back in the standings. here's max scherzer after the game. >> i just got to execute better. i've got to find a way to execute pitches and keep the ball out of the middle of the plate. i feel like my pitches are there. i make good pitches throughout the outing. keep making mistakes and that's something i have to fix. >> back at it tomorrow. nfl teams made their final cuts this weekend. when it was all said and done, washington finished with two tight ends on
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their 53-man roster. it didn't last long. today the skins signed former seattle seahawk anthony mccoy at the position, giving the team a little more depth. now he's joining the team for the first regular season game of the year. it's here, folks. it all begins this sunday when washington hosts the miami dolphins. their offense has to worry about ndamukong suh while the defense has new targets to worry about in miami's re-tooled roster. >> you're looking at a team that's gotten better and better. on the defensive side of the ball it's up to us to lock in on our assignments and go out there and play fast and physical and let the chips fall where they may. >> the first full weekend of college football isn't even over yet. it comes to a close tonight with a huge showdown in blacksburg. virginia tech hosts the ohio state buckeyes who not only begin to defend their national title but they're also looking for a little revenge. if you recall last year, week
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one, the hookies traveled to columbus and in front of the largest crowd in ohio state history, they handed them their only loss of the 2014 season. they're hoping to start 2015 with a similar result. >> i think what we did last year, it was effective. we carried it out and that's what had us play that great defense last year so i think we're going to do a great job this year with the defensive scheme, going to be better. playing great defense. maryland terrapins basketball team may launch another big time recruit. 6'5" guard kevin herder, in the top 100 prospects. he announced his decision on twitter. he was here this weekend at the soccer game when they defeated top ranked ucla. he was here on saturday when maryland beat richmond. now he's going to be a terp. big for his group. >> literally big.
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[ laughter ] that's wusa 9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back with your only local news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> quijano: the race is on for the democrats. sandsers pulls ahead of clinton in new hampshire. >> where were you when you saw those poll numbers and what did you say? >> i said whoa! >> quijano: also tonight, by sea and by land. thousands complete the perilous journey from war to freedom. blindsided, why did two players sack the refer real estate? and the american hunter who killed the beloved lion is finally telling his side of the story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. the race for the white house is a marathon, not a sprint. for the democrats it just got a lot closer. as the candidates marked the labor day by marching in parades and taking-- taking


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